Friday, August 28, 2020

Summer Moments

 The Inspector took me out for breakfast last week at one of the small local airports. Hoping that I might see a few planes taking off or landing, I brought along my camera.  Unfortunately, things were pretty slow that morning.  Still, it was a pleasant spot to enjoy a quiet meal and to look at the various planes that were parked along the runway.

There is usually a big airshow that takes place here every summer.  Like many other events it was cancelled this year.  


The rest of the week was pretty quiet.  I had some fruit that needed to be used up so I baked a couple of loaves of nut bread, one banana and one apple.  

Our older grand daughter came over for a visit.   We spent the afternoon building a fort together out on the back deck.



We took a short walk by the lake one morning.

 You make known to me the path of life; 

in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are 

pleasures forevermore

Psalm 16:11


 It's all the little moments that make life worthwhile.  May we live them fully and joyfully.




Sunday, August 23, 2020

A Baby Shower

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my daughter in our backyard.  After weeks of planning and preparing our home both inside and out, we were  concerned about the rain that had been pouring down the whole day and night before.  However, we woke up to a beautiful and perfect sunny morning!  The investigator and our sons had put up all the tents and tables the night before so my daughter-in-law and I were able to decorate in the morning.  It was my sweet daughter-in-law who made the decorations, elephants to match my daughters nursery theme.




 I had prepared meatballs and a variety of salads for lunch.   We also provided hand sanitizer, gloves and masks for serving, as well as all disposable serving ware...a decided sign of the times.



 The shower cake carried out our little elephant theme.


Some of our guests included Great-Grandma (left) our daughter's mother-in-law (second from right) and old family friends.  Our daughter's friends and co-workers were present as well.



My oldest granddaughter and her friend both decided they needed to "help" her auntie with the unwrapping.  Our daughter received some lovely gifts, including this beautiful quilt in her nursery colors made by her very gifted mother-in-law.


Finally, the last gift was opened, all the cake was eaten and we were able to sit back and reflect on a beautifully perfect day.


For this child I prayed, To love, to kiss, to hold

To cover with my prayers, To teach, to show, to mold.

Growing deeper in my heart with every passing day,

You are loved beyond tomorrow, soon we will laugh and play.

In stature you will grow showing other's our God's face

Filled now with his favor and always with his grace.

Connie Cox




Sunday, August 16, 2020

Ocean Shores


I can only be away from the ocean for so long before I begin to get cravings for the sounds of waves crashing on the shore and the feel of sand between my toes.  So last week we decided to take a quick trip over to Ocean Shores.  There we were able to walk the beaches to our hearts content.  The town is located on spit of sand surrounded on three sides by water so there are plenty of places to explore.

It was late afternoon the first day we arrived, but the sun was still shining when we parked our car on the sand.  There was only time for a short walk before we headed back into town for dinner and to get ourselves settled into our hotel.




After dinner, of course we had to stop in at picturesque Sharky's.  It's a local icon.  That's as close as I ever want to get to a shark!



As we explored the beaches we were very surprised to find hundreds of  what seemed to be dead crabs littering the sand.  After a little research I discovered that crabs actually molt and leave their shells behind as they grow new ones.  A strong storm current will toss the shells on the shore..interesting and a relief to learn that nothing more sinister was going on.

On our second day we headed over to the bay side to wander through the driftwood and rocks on shore.  The sky was overcast but the day was warm, perfect for walking.

We spotted lots of rather creative driftwood "architecture".  Has anyone seen Robinson Crusoe around?


 This was as close to a sunset as we were able to see that day.  I loved how the light sparkled on the water even in the fog.




The sun finally did shine through the next morning and there was time for one last walk on the shore before heading for home.




 Watching these girls playing in the water reminded me of all the times I spent with my brothers and my cousins at the beach by our grandparent's cottage.  They are such joyful memories.



 The roar of the waves, the sounds of the gulls, the scent of salt on the breeze and the feel of sand between my toes will always mean home to me.