Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Mukilteo Lighthouse

When we returned from our cruise a few weeks ago we discovered that my mom had received a health report that indicated she needed to have a pacemaker as soon as it could be done.  It was a hectic week last week as we prepared for her procedure which took place last Friday.  Along with that we hosted a cousin from Nevada who had flown up to spend some time with her.  It was a cold blustery day when we picked him up from the airport on Saturday.  In spite of that, we knew that he would end up spending most of the weekend indoors visiting with his aunt, so we took him for a short drive and a walk in the fresh air down by the Mukilteo Lighthouse and Ferry Dock.  It was the first time in over two years since I have been able to take an outdoor walk like this myself, so it was nice treat for me as well.

 Not exactly the soft, sandy beaches of Southern California or Florida but wildly beautiful in it's own way.  Standing along the shore you can look across to Whidbey Island, the second largest island in the Continental U.S.

The path along the shore took us towards the ferry dock and behind the lighthouse.  That is my cousin on the left with The Investigator trying to keep his hands warm in the wind!  Brrr!!


Once the ferry was on its way across the water we headed onto the lighthouse grounds. The lighthouse was built in 1905 and ran on oil until 1927 when it was converted to electric.  It is owned by the City of Mukilteo and is still in operation.



In spite of the wind and cold there were lovely signs of the arriving spring, a reminder of that saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."


By the time we went through the front gate it was time to head for home and a warm cozy fire in the fireplace.  We will have to come back for a summer picnic! Meanwhile, I pray each of you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.  Adieu.