Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seaside Rambles

While I enjoyed sharing the beauty of Cannon Beach with you, the carefree town of Seaside is still one my favorite places to be.  Maybe it's because of all the happy memories of coming here with our children through the years.  Day or night, there is always something to do here in the summer.

 Stepping out from our hotel we can walk up the main street stopping to look in all the shops along the way to the beach.
 I really like this little shopping area because that's where I will find one of my favorite things.  Can you guess?

Yes, I love carousels.

 Looking down the side street, this is a great place to share a plate of fish and chips.

Then there are all the candy stores filled with freshly made candies and treats,

Don't these candy apples look amazing? What an assortment.  I wouldn't know how to choose.

You can't come to a seaside town and not take home some salt water taffy.  

Moving on, we come to where the town meets the sea and where we can begin walking down the Seaside Promenade. Stretching in both directions along the beach front, The Promenade is 1.5 miles long from beginning to end. 

As with many places today, much of the waterfront has been taken up by large hotels and condominiums.

Statue of Lewis & Clark commemorating their winter stay in this area in 1805

But as you begin walking you soon leave the hotels and activity behind and then, all you can hear is the sound of the waves as you walk past beautiful beachfront homes.

There are trails along the way that lead out over the grassy dunes, across the sand and down to the water.

 As you can see, I love watching the seagulls. 

We stopped to watch the sunset.

As the sun goes over the horizon we begin to see little bonfires sprouting up all along the shore as families gather to enjoy a summer evening on the sand.

 Time to walk back up to the promenade. As day turns into night these wonderful old-fashioned lamps come on to light the way.

As this day comes to a close we are back safe and sound at the bridge by our hotel.  That was a lovely long walk.

Au Revoir

Until we meet again

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Day by The Ocean

Having spent most of my growing up years on the Southern California coast means that going to the ocean, no matter where it is, feels like coming home.  I love all the sights and sounds and smells of being in a seaside town.  Walking the sand, smelling the salt air, hearing the crashing of waves and the screeching of the seagulls all bring back wonderful childhood memories of time spent on the beach with family and dear friends.  So, right after our Independence Day celebrations we decided to beat the heat by heading over to one of our favorite places in all the Northwest, Seaside, Oregon.  Located on the northern Oregon Coast right between Astoria and Cannon Beach it's always been the perfect place to bring our family over the years and now to enjoy as a couple.

I love staying at this hotel.  It's right on the river that flows through the center of town with a lovely little boardwalk along the outside where you can sit and watch people go by in paddle boats and kayaks.  Stepping out the door will find us in the center of all the action and just two blocks from the beach. 

However, our first day we decided to head down the coast to Cannon Beach.  Filled with shingle sided shops, restaurants and art galleries, Cannon Beach is a lovely place to spend a day just wandering.

We stopped to browse a few shops and then headed for the beach.

There is a lighthouse a couple of miles off shore on that large rock.  My camera couldn't pick it up but if you want to see a closeup shot you can look here.  The Oregon Coast is full of beautiful and majestic rock formations.  Haystack Rock is among the most famous.

It seemed so close but when we began walking we discovered it was well over a mile away from where we started. 

 Along the way we spotted this little fellow who graciously allowed me to take his picture.

This was as close as we chose get to Haystack without wading through tide pools.  Next time I will bring my water shoes.

As we began to make out way back, this older couple sitting on the beach caught my eye.  They seemed to be there with their grandchildren and as I watched them I was struck with thoughts of the timelessness of the scene.  You could look at old photographs or read old books and the same things would have been happening then as now, parents with their children walking on the sand, collecting shells, building sand castles, grandparents sitting in chairs remembering when they were young, forever different and forever the same. 

Can't you just hear the crashing of the waves on the shore, feel the breeze blowing through your hair and the sand between your toes?  

Come walk with me along the beach,
where sunsets seem within reach.
We'll search for treasures in the sand,
as we walk hand in hand.