Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Walk in the Park

The Inspector and I have been spending the past week in isolation as we both have been battling some rather nasty colds which have included sore throats, heavy coughs and stuffy noses.  In this world of COVID fears, naturally we have been making sure that we have stayed well away from other folks.  We are both feeling a lot better and so decided we needed to get out of the house and get a much needed change of scenery and some fresh air.   On Friday we went exploring out into the southeast part of the county and found this lovely county park  well away from people that we have not discovered before.

I found the perfect tree for a tree house! 

If I were a few years younger (well maybe more like fifty, LOL!), you might have found me straddling that branch with one of my brothers.  

 When we got home I noticed this little family taking a rest near the apple tree.  Aren't they sweet? Their mama has been bringing them around quite a bit lately.  They were certainly as curious about me as I was of them.   Looking at these guys reminds me I recently picked up an old copy of the original children's story of Bambi by Felix Salten.  I find it relaxing to spend a quiet summer afternoon occasionally rereading a classic children's story.  They are quite different from the Disney versions and much more interesting.  I know that many of you will agree there are few things more satisfying than reading a good book.

“Oh, for a nook and a storybook. With tales both new and old. For a jolly good book whereon to look. Is better to me than gold.”— Old English Song.


Friday, July 10, 2020

Is it summer yet?

It has been a pretty soggy summer so far.  That has meant bad news for my new raised bed vegetable garden.  We have been in the process of moving wood piles out of this area. but it gets lots of sunshine so it seemed a good place to try my hand at planting some edibles. The Inspector built the beds and I planted pumpkins, cucumbers, beets and a tomato plant. I was supposed to be harvesting my beets next week, but as you can see they have barely even peeked up out of the ground it has been so cool, dark and damp. The pumpkin plants look anemic and unfortunately, the rains washed the cucumber plants right out of the hill! 

This bed was supposed to be green beans and carrots.  Hmmm....  It's a very good thing no one is depending on me for their harvest canning this fall!

Happily my planters and pots are flourishing, even if this is the first sunny afternoon we have seen in a week. 

It's raspberry season on my back deck. I have had to watch them closely as all the wet weather has caused some berries to start molding.  I have to be sure to pick them the moment they are ripe.

And fresh picked raspberries means....


 Fresh baked lemon-raspberry muffins with lemon glaze, Yum!! 


 Between the rainstorms we were able to get down to the lake with our granddaughter a couple of weeks ago.  Water and sand!  Is there anything a kid likes better than that?  She was having so much fun she didn't want to leave for lunch.  Next time we will pack a picnic.


This park has become our new favorite place, especially since we have to stay so much closer to home this year. Here's hoping we have more sunny summer days ahead of us.

"Summertime, Summertime
Let's go out and play
Time for fun, and lots of sun
I love these kinds of days"