Friday, March 30, 2018

A Picture Frame of Blessings

I was wheeling myself into the kitchen a couple of days ago when I looked up at the table and noticed this lovely scene.  It made me think of a perfectly framed picture of the blessings I have been receiving during my time of recovery.

 A vase filled with lovely yellow flowers brought by a friend who stopped by to spend the morning with me.

 A basket that was filled a few days before with a delicious meal of hot soup, fresh cornbread and love.  A beautiful devotional book too.

 The 1928 version of The Book of Common Prayer, a wonderful and thoughtful gift sent to me by my cousin who remembers my Anglican roots.

A gift of beauty for the eyes.
A gift lovingly prepared to nourish the body.
A gift of prayer to nourish the soul.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

An Accident

I sit in my wheelchair looking out at the winter garden.  The apple trees are only partially pruned and the bird feeders are empty. But I feel a sense of gratitude to be alive.  In the midst of the pain, the nausea from too many drugs and the frustration of being unable to walk or move freely God’s grace is with me.

It was five weeks ago when our lives took a pain filled and unexpected turn as we were returning to our car after a night out at the local ice hockey game.  As we walked across the street (in the crosswalk with the light) I suddenly heard someone shout out just as something struck us from the side and everything went black.  A car without lights on had come down the hill, run the red light and hit us.  The Inspector was knocked forward to his knees and had a cracked rib but I was thrown and landed about 15 feet from him.

When I regained consciousness I was on the ground unable to move.  I was surrounded by people.  Someone was holding my head and trying to stop the bleeding that was coming from my forehead and I could hear a woman asking me questions as she tried to keep me awake. I could hear sirens in the background. I began to understand that I was really hurt and I needed
to try to stay present if I could.  I had a concussion, my nose was cracked and I couldn’t move my legs. My next thoughts were, if I was hurt then where was my husband?  I began asking for him and was he all right.  They kept telling me he was ok but I was so afraid that maybe he was really hurt or even that he might have died and they weren’t telling me.  It wasn’t until we were transported to the hospital and a kind police officer was able to truly assure that me that the love of my life was really all right. God is so good.

The damage to my hip and pelvis was such that I was immediately transferred to the Harborview Trauma Hospital in Seattle.  I spent two weeks there after a 9 1/2 hour surgery to put everything back together again.  Two more weeks in a skilled Nursing Facility and I was finally able to come home.
I have now been home a little over a week and while I am getting stronger every day, it’s going to be many weeks before I am allowed to even try walking.

During this entire time, in spite of his own injuries my sweet and beloved husband has been by my side every single day.  Our children have rallied around, taking turns bringing their dad down to the hospital in the early days, bringing or arranging meals and stepping in whenever needed.  I have been blessed and surrounded by good friends who have prayed and called, sent notes of encouragement and visited.  God has shown me how much my friends and family truly care about us and that has been a wonderful gift.

What God ordains is always good and I am trying hard to keep my eyes and heart open to what he is working in my life.  So, no pictures today just a heartfelt gratitude and a prayer that each of you who are reading this would know the riches of God’s blessings today.