Monday, March 21, 2022

First Trip to Georgia

 A few days ago we returned from a trip across country to help our daughter and family relocate to their new community outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  It was quite the production getting both her and our toddler grandson as well as ourselves, two cats, assorted baby paraphernalia and baggage down to the airport and checked in.  Our little grandson was quite a trooper for such a long flight.  Thankfully, his daddy was waiting to greet us when we landed and to take us to their new home.


The kids "new" home is actually around 25 years old and needs a bit of TLC and updating.  It has great bones and sits on a big lot in a very nice neighborhood. 

Gazing out over the back yard from our bedroom window we could see the large park that backs up right to their property.  Everything was still dormant which was a bit of an adjustment coming from the Evergreen Northwest.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered there were tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a children's playground and a lovely duck pond and walking trail, all right outside their back door!


After our exploration of the neighborhood our "workcation" began in earnest as we launched into unloading and unpacking.  While my daughter and I scrubbed and cleaned and emptied boxes, the guys, worked on some plumbing, replaced an old sliding door, and started updating light fixtures.  I think we made a trip to the local Home Depot at least twice every day we were there!

 In the center of their town there is a nice little park surrounded by small businesses.  There is a small amphitheater for summer concerts. I can just imagine taking a summer stroll through the town as children are playing on the grass and listening to the music.


While the majority of our time was spent working on the house we did manage to find a couple of opportunities for a little exploring.  This included a morning wandering around the lovely town square in historic Marietta.


And we spent our last day in Atlanta itself. 

 We visited the Atlanta Aquarium, which is quite impressive.  

Then we took a walk through the Olympic Park which was created for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

All too soon it was time to head for home.  After over two weeks together we all knew it was time for us to begin the process of letting go and allow them to begin living out the special future and plan God has for them.  
 It's good to be home but I miss them and look forward to returning to seeing them in God's timing.  Thank the Lord for airplanes and facetime!