Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lake

As I continue to share the scene from my back deck I must not forget one of the most important parts....that of course is The Lake.  From the corner of the deck we can see it although the picture has shrunk a bit over the years as others have come along and built their little bits paradise.  In the beginning I would get angry and disappointed but then I realized that I didn't want to be one of those people who thinks that "as long as I have mine, no one else can come" and so I have reconciled for the most part that I have to share. 

And besides I still get to see the Cascade Mountains rising above the rooftops.

And as I drive down the hill from the front of my property I get to gaze on this every morning on my way to work.

And the closer I get to the water.....

The more my heart sings in joy at this beautiful place I get to call home.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I live in this incredibly beautiful place we call "The Great Northwest."  All the earth is God's Country but his hand was particularly lavish when he created this part of the country.  Every summer morning I get to wake and take my morning coffee out on the deck to enjoy this scene.  Of course this is just a piece of it.

Although I am not passionate about it, I do like to putter around in the garden a bit and that adds to the scene.  There's the bluberries.......

And then there's my little orchard area.  I have a pear tree which will be ready for harvest in early September.

Also there are the apple trees from which I will bake apple pies and apple bread, yum!!

One of my favorite spots is this little corner of the yard which I created a number of years ago (with the help of my wonderful husband of course).  With the hedge all around it you would never know......

There is a mansion towering just behind it.  Surprise!

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