Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Deception Falls

 We don't do much hiking these days, but we still enjoy an occasional walk through the woods when the opportunity arises.   Last month we took the time to stop at Deception Falls on our way home from Leavenworth.   Generally, we visit the falls later in the season.  In fact, this photo was taken a number of years ago in the late autumn. 


This year we drove up in early June and with the late spring thaw we were greeted with a roaring explosion of water!


We took the trail that runs along the side of the river.


Up the steps that would take us back to where we had parked our car

We were so glad we able to see the falls when we did as just a couple of weeks later, the Northwest was engulfed in an extreme heat wave that broke all records.  Even though, that weather has broken we have not had any measurable rain in weeks, so all the rivers are running low.  



We have been sticking pretty close to home helping to watch our grandchildren as our daughter-in-law has injured her shoulder and has been needing an extra helping hand. 

  We did some entertaining on the 4th of July.

And helped with Vacation Bible School at our church.


It's been a quiet, easy going time.  We still have much more summer to look forward to.  How are you enjoying your summer days?