Friday, May 14, 2021

Mother's Day Weekend

 As part of my Mother's Day celebration our oldest invited The Inspector and me to come along on his father/daughters outing.  Our older granddaughter had told her dad she wanted to go exploring. With that thought in mind, we all headed up to Deception Pass on Whidbey, an island which is about 60-90 minutes north of us.  We crossed Deception Bridge which connects the island to the mainland, and then stopped by the shore at Deception Park   The girls had a great time walking the trail, climbing over driftwood and throwing rocks in the water.


When it was time to move on, our next stop was to see the old batteries at Fort Ebey.  Built in 1942, these were part of the old  World War II coastal defense system that have since been turned into state parks.


The battery guns looked out over the inlet from this bluff.

From the water side it would have been difficult for any passing ships to detect the bunkers and batteries which were well hidden behind that mound..

Everyone was excited to explore the underground bunkers with their flashlights.


By now the girls were starting to tire, so our last stop was to take  a short walk through the little waterfront town of Coupeville.  Even though it is the government seat for Island County it still retains its small town charm.

 It was a fun but tiring day and it was time to head home for a late lunch and to rest up for Sunday.


After church on Mother's Day the whole family came together to celebrate all the moms in the family.


 My mother was with us too.  As matriarch of the family she has welcomed four children, twelve grandchildren and twenty-six great-grandchildren into the world so far! 


My family showered me with flowers!



None of the men in the family are much on cooking so it was up to little Kora to plan the meal!

We also celebrated our daughter's birthday.  Ava decorated a special cup for her auntie!.

All in all it was a very special weekend filled with all the blessings of family joined together in love and creating memories for the heart. May the Lord richly bless your families wherever they may be.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Moments by the Water

 How quickly the time flows past.  What I thought would be a few days break from social media turned into almost three months!  Life has been quiet but not idle.  The spring rains continue to fall interspersed with a few days of warm sunshine here and there.  The lake is so beautiful this time of year. You can see the mountains, still covered with snow, rising up on the horizon, and reflections dance vividly on the surface of the water.

The ducks are courting along the shoreline.  It won't be long before we will find ourselves stopping our cars to allow for duck families crossing the road to the water. (Make Way for Ducklings!)


Each season by the lake is so unique and special.  I never get tired of watching it or take for granted the beauty of this place. I pray I never will.  Every blessing to you and yours.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Pussy Willow

 After the unexpected late snowfall last week, it was fun to see the neighbor's pussy willow popping out with its fuzzy little catkins, so soft like a kitten's paw.



   Pussy Willow

      By Kate L. Brown

Pussy Willow wakened
From her winter nap,
For the frolic spring breeze
On her door would tap.

"It is chilly weather
Though the sun feels good.
I will wrap up warmly,
wear my furry hood."

 Mistress Pussy Willow
Opened wide her door.
Never had the sunshine
Seemed so bright before.

Happy little children
Cried with laugh and shout,
"Spring is coming, coming,
Pussy Willow's out."





Sunday, February 14, 2021

Snow Day!

 Up until now we have been experiencing a relatively mild winter.  The passing days have been filled with lots of chilly rain, but the temperatures have rarely dipped below freezing.  That has all changed with a late winter snow that has been falling throughout the lowlands for the past couple of days.  It snowed much of yesterday, so we stayed inside snuggled up by the fire. We are fortunate as we only had a few inches compared to the possible 6-8 inches that was predicted. Today however, I put on my hiking shoes and wandered outside to snap a few photos.  I had hoped to walk down to the lake, but the hill was very slippery so I decided to stay up by the house.  

It was still snowing as I walked up to the side gate that takes us out into the neighborhood just north of us.  Surprisingly, while the snow has accumulated on the lawn, only small amounts have been sticking to the bushes and trees.  It must be warming up.



 There is something about walking on fresh virgin snow.  Any  imperfections are just covered under a blanket of white.  I love to listen to the sound of it crunching under my feet as the swirling flakes land on my face and hair. 

This photo reminds me of a quote I read once by Lowri Williams

"The future lies before you like a field of fallen snow

Be careful how you tread it for every step will show."


Time to go inside!  As long as we are staying indoors, it has been a good opportunity to try out a new recipe, garlic and butter steak bites with assorted fingerling potatoes...Yumm!

It turned out very tasty and now that I have two in the family who are gluten free, this will make a nice addition to my list of dinner ideas.

There is not much else going on around here.  I know there are many places around the country that are much colder than we are.  May everyone be staying safe and warm on this frosty winter night!   




Mother's Day Weekend

 As part of my Mother's Day celebration our oldest invited The Inspector and me to come along on his father/daughters outing.  Our older...