Sunday, June 26, 2022


We took our first walk of the season at the twin lakes a few weeks back.  The sky was overcast but the day was warm. The last time we were here it was autumn and the leaves were changing. This time it was late spring and The Cottonwood Seeds were floating through the air like snowflakes and lining the edges of the shore with white fluff.

We disturbed a duck family on the shore and of course they headed straight for the water.

The first salmon berries were out.  They don't taste very good but the birds like them. 

It feels like you are miles from the city as you walk along the shore.

A few days later I took a different kind of walk through a neighborhood in our little town, a different kind of nature but just as beautiful.

Here is the clock tower on the edge of the creek in town.

People were setting up for the first farmer's market of the summer season at the town square.

I will be back to pick up some flowers soon.

However, right now I am enjoying the peonies from my mother's garden.


And the roses that were planted in memory of my father.  

"The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart." 



Friday, June 3, 2022

Getting Outside

Both the Inspector and I have been nursing a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection for the last couple of weeks.  Between that and the damp weather we have been feeling rather confined, and we have been desperate for some fresh air. So, in spite of the clouds Tuesday, we finally decided enough was enough and ventured out for a walk at our local trail.

We crossed paths with a few other intrepid souls, but for the most part we had the trail to ourselves.  

Everything looked lush and verdant.  The banks were covered with fern fronds and the buttercups were filled with delicate yellow petals. The brambles were blooming and will soon be covered with blackberries and salmon berries.

The scotch broom is in full bloom, which just added to our sniffles!

Fifteen minutes of walking brought us to the creek, and then it started to rain. (sigh).  Time to turn around. 

By the time we made it back to the car, the parking area was full of puddles.  Good thing I was wearing my boots and hooded jacket! 

 Wednesday started out a bit overcast, but soon the clouds cleared away and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of blue skies and bright sunshine.  The yard is awash in brilliant Spring color!.


The late afternoon sun cast long shadows from the top of the drive. 

I began the planting of my garden.  There are potatoes, onions, broccoli and the beginnings of green beans.  There is still space for some peppers and squash but that is for another day. It doesn't look like much yet but hopefully everything will grow.



Yesterday we went for a nice walk but I will share that another time.  This morning we woke up to a late Spring storm.  We were engulfed in the sounds of thunder crashing overhead and rain cascading down from the sky. It went on for some time, overflowing the rain gutters and causing waterfalls on the deck.  We watched the raindrops dancing on the surface of the front pond and splashing up from the brick pavers in the courtyard.

 Suddenly, it was over, leaving a stillness that was only punctuated by the sounds of water dripping from the leaves of the trees.  In the distance we could hear the soft rumble of thunder as the storm made it's way on to it's next destination.  As the morning passed, the muffled sound of an occasional birdsong started to break into the silence.  Gazing out the window, I can see that the skies still look leaden, and there is a light breeze stirring the branches of the neighbor's evergreens.  More rain is coming, but I think it will be much gentler than this morning's storm.  It's time to settle in with a nice cup of tea and perhaps a little reading.  A blessed day to each of you.  Thank you for stopping by.