Saturday, September 16, 2017

Garden Surprise

I'm not exactly known for my garden expertise.  I'm happy to say that I don't have a black thumb when it comes to planting, more like gray, with maybe a hit of green from time to time if I'm lucky.  You all saw how my green beans grew here  I caught the culprit in my back yard a few days later.

Doesn't he look comfortable and not a bit contrite?  He moved from the beans to the apple tree and laid down for a rest while I went to get my camera. He and his partner in crime had managed to eat what few apples there were on the gravenstein tree this year. 

Fortunately, the other tree has still produced a nice crop, which I must pick this afternoon before the rains begin tomorrow, our first real rain in over 2 1/2 months.

 I tried growing some sunflowers this year too.  I was inspired by my cousin's lovely sunflower post earlier in the summer.  You can see how that has turned out.

Not exactly standing proudly straight and tall.  I planted them in the place we cut down the evergreen trees last year.  Perhaps they didn't like the soil.  Yet, in spite of that, they still bloomed.  I am amazed by this tiny little sunflower.  I wonder if it will make a seed.

Seems like the only thing I have grown successfully this year is weeds.  I have pulled whole mountains of weeds all summer, even without the rain.

So imagine my complete surprise and delight when I discovered a tomato plant and an unknown vine had popped up in the middle of my geraniums a few weeks ago.  I think the seeds must have been in the mulch from my compost pile.  I decided to just leave them there to see what would happen and....  I actually have some tomatoes! 


But this was the biggest surprise.


 Cantaloupe!  Something we don't see on the west side of the mountains. 

Of course with September already almost half gone and rain on the way, I doubt that there will be time for a harvest, but what a fun and unexpected gift.  God always brings joy in such unexpected and special ways. We just need to keep our eyes open. I would call this Eucharisteo.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A World of Color - Summer in Red

"The World is a carousel of color, wonderful, wonderful color."  That's what Disney used to say. The Bible says "Blessed are your eyes because they see."  (Matthew 13:16) To see the world in color is such a gift.  Everyone has a favorite color, right?    I can never make up my mind which color is mine, but I do like the color red.  It seemed like I noticed it everywhere this summer.

Greeting me by my front door. 


In ripe raspberries from a garden pot.

Or fresh homemade strawberry pie.

 I still see  bright red geraniums in pots everywhere.

My favorite summer hat is red.


And look at this cheerful red front porch I came across while walking with my cousin. It made me want to knock on the door and ask if I could sit and stay a while.


We also saw this big red house peeking through the trees. 


When we went around the corner we discovered it was much bigger than we thought.

Love this old red door beckoning us to walk through and the explore the garden path beyond.

And who can resist eating lunch under a bright red umbrella on a warm summer day?

Or sitting in a red chair by the side of the lake?

And here are the first red leaves on the maple tree reminding us that the days of summer are coming to a close.


So often we don't take the time to notice or enjoy all the beautiful colors that surround us every day.  What if we each took the time to focus on just one color each day?  What color would you choose?