Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Early Morning in the Garden

I took a short walk around the yard this morning before breakfast. It was chilly, but a sweater took care of that.  We are so grateful that the rains have returned.  All the fires are finally completely out and everything looks so fresh and clean.  On this first day of November, (All Saint's Day) we are definitely deep into Autumn.


There was just one last leaf clinging to the branch of the Flame Maple.


Now we can see the moss that grows on the branches in this damp climate of ours.

The Virginia Creeper has lost it's leaves as well, leaving an abundant supply of berries for the birds to feast upon.

 I have filled my bird feeders as well.

I walked past the shed and noticed this little stock of corn with a tiny ear of corn growing.  A bird or squirrel must have dropped a seed at the beginning of summer.  It was determined to grow!  Imagine if it had been given water and sunshine.

There was still some color to be seen as I walked around, a splash of yellow from the tree by the corner fence, a touch of red a I look over the blackberry brambles in the empty field behind my house. 

The Smoke Tree is just starting to turn.  The leaves on the flowering plum will begin falling soon.


This last little red orb marks the end of the tomato season for us. It's time to put everything to bed for another year.



"Winter is an etching, Spring a watercolor, Summer an oil painting and Autumn a mosaic of them all."

— Stanley Horowitz







  1. I'm pleased to hear that the air is now clear and you can take a walk around your garden and enjoy the beauty there. Every blessing dear friend for peaceful November days.

    1. Thank you Linda. The weather is turning blustery this afternoon but we are nice an cozy as we enjoy our first fire of the season.

  2. We're definitely in the throes of autumn now, the garden is winding down. I had to smile at the corn, we nurture our plants and often have failures, yet left to their own devices, they will do their best to grow. I've got a few sunflowers which have sprouted up from dropped bird seed, a bit late in the season to flower but they're still trying.

  3. We are actually on your side of the mountains experiencing your rain. We will be driving over the pass tomorrow back home and will see if we get snow. Happy November to you.

  4. Oh yes! There is a big storm flowing in tonight and tomorrow. Safe travels Ellen as you make your way over the mountain pass tomorrow. Hopefully you will get across before the snow begins to fall over the weekend.

  5. Hello Gloriade....Thank you so much for visiting me at Writing Straight from the Heart. It was a delight to have you visit and comment. Please stop by any time. Nice to read your post as well! Sincerely, Susan

  6. Nice pictures. Even with trees losing leaves and flowers gone you found beauty in nature. That's funny that the one leaf was left on the tree....that leaf is me, holding onto summer as long as possible, lol. Glad you're done with the fires now. That has to be a big relief.