Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Fall Changes

Goodness!  September is already long over and October is well on its way.  Fall is in the air everywhere we look. No more orange moons caused by the smoke lingering in the air from the wildfires.  At last the rains have returned to make the sky fresh and clean again.

The Virginia Creeper has turned red and is covered with little berries.

A few tendrils have escaped to begin climbing up the shade tree.  I will have to coax them back to where they belong.

I love looking out over the bench and watching the seasons change.  This is one of my favorite spots in the yard.  Two weeks ago the Flame Maple was just beginning to turn.

Even though the Dogwood tree is still green, soon it will be too wet and cold to sit outside on the bench.

The last of the summer flowers are still hanging on, bravely awaiting the first kiss of frost.

Meanwhile, over the last couple of weeks, the maple has, oh, so quickly, begun the gentle dropping of its leaves, its full glory will be gone much too soon.

Oh! How I love Autumn!  Thankful for eyes that see.


"Every Leaf speaks bliss
to me, fluttering from
the autumn tree."
Emily Bronte


  1. I think I must of missed this post, so sorry! lovely!!! Thanks so much for kind comment on my blog!!! I always love when you visit! God bless!!!

  2. The Virginia Creeper is so pretty. The Maple leaves also. I think we are having Indian Summer weather here for a few days! Nancy

  3. I love Virginia Creeper, although I have to be careful it doesn’t creep out of control, lol.

  4. You have some lovely areas where you can sit and enjoy the garden. The leaves of the maple tree are beautiful. We are experiencing stormy weather and I've noticed that the autumn leaves are not quite so vivid this year. Many trees have already shed their leaves. On the other hand the berries are plentiful and I'm sure the birds appreciate the extra food. Every blessing, Linda.

  5. Hi Linda, Yes, The leaves on the tree seemed especially beautiful this year. I am thinking of enlarging a couple of my photos and hanging them in the house.

  6. How stunning the maple tree looks, what a great shout of colour. Autumn is a wonderful time of year when the days are still and mild, just the sort of day we've enjoyed today. We've been for a tramp through the woods. We met the man who manages the land and he told us of his plans for winter clearing. He supplies the wood for our stove. His parting shot to us was, "Keep burning wood!"

  7. There is something extremely satisfying about those brilliant and vivid colors on the Virginia creeper and the trees—it really is eye candy! I am glad your clean and fresh air is back to its usual fragrant self. Whenever I visit the PNW the first thing I notice,after all the green, is the wonderful scent of the air.

  8. I love the crackling sounds and the smell of wood burning in the fireplace. We still have a wood stove in our living room and enjoy the toasty warmth it brings to the cold evenings in Autumn and Winter.