Friday, May 26, 2017

Quilts and Flowers

Life has been a little different as I cared for my mom after surgery the past couple of weeks and while I was kept pretty busy there were still some opportunities to take out my phone camera on occasion while she was resting.

Walking through my mom's little house is a bit like walking back in time.  Her walls are filled with old family photos like this one of my grandparent's wedding day which was around 1920.  Don't you love her wedding dress and veil?

Another photo of my grandfather.

She also loves to hang quilts on the walls, each one sewed completely by hand.  This one was made by a old family friend.

My Aunt, the mother of my two closest cousins, made this one.  I like the way the pattern looks a bit like a flower box in front of a window.  

This little one was made by a friend in her church.

You will also find hand made quilts on the beds.  This one was also a gift from a friend.  Isn't it bright and cheerful?  I love the color yellow.

This quilt was one of several made by my great-great aunt.  I don't know what the pattern is called but it is definitely a family heirloom.

As the days have gotten warmer I was able to enjoy the lovely spring weather. One day I took a walk over to the city park which is just a block from Mom's house.  Everything looks so fresh and green.

And speaking of fresh and green, we have been able to enjoy all the spring flowers growing in the garden.

The snowball bush and lilacs were especially pretty.  I had to cut some and bring them inside so Mom could enjoy them as well.

I have a few spring flowers of my own in bloom as well.  I went home to find the Rhododendron in full glory.  The colors looked so vivid.  It was just filled with the humming of bees as they gathered round the blossoms.  I tried to catch one with my camera but they were darting about pretty quickly.

Now that my mom has been getting stronger, I have been able to move her over to my house where she will be with us for a few more weeks.  As we were leaving her house I noticed the first rose of the year on the Joseph's Coat rose bush she planted in honor of my dad.  

The next day I went back to her house and brought it to her in a vase for her room.  Such a lovely memory.

I love making and recording memories.  I hope you all will be making some lovely memories of your own this week.  If you happen to stop by be sure to say hello!  Adieu!


  1. What a gorgeous rose - I've always loved the brilliant color of the Joseph' Coat. My mom used to call those little quilts she made as wall hangings "watercolor quilts." I've got one also. You've given me a nice walk down memory lane!

  2. They are beautiful quilts. Your mom was so crafty and talented. I still a couple of baby quilts she made for me.

  3. that is so beautiful, that rose! what a lovely tribute! those quilts are beautiful! so wonderful that you could care for your Mom like that! what a treasured time to be with your Mom! the 1920s wedding picture is so beautiful!

  4. Thanks Elizabeth! The original rose bush was planted in the church garden where my parents attended. When my mother moved here she was given a cutting which she planted and which, as you can see, is thriving.

  5. Beautiful quilts and flowers and a picture of your Mom in her wedding dress. How neat to bring the rose to her that means so much. Nancy

  6. The hand sewn quilts are beautiful. Each one different and each one carefully made. Thank you for sharing them. The flowers we see coming into bloom bring such joy. Roses seem to do well in our garden and the first ones are appearing. One in particular was brought as a cutting from my mother's garden and has flourished over the past few years. It was a thoughtful action to bring the special rose and the first of the season to place in a vase in your mother's room. I'm praying that she gains her strength as the days go by. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind message at this time to which I say 'Amen'. We put our loved ones and our concerns into our Father's hands. Our teenage grandchildren are busy studying as it's exam time. We remember them in our prayers and all children and young people.

  7. That is my grandmother. I will have to share my mom's wedding photo someday.

  8. My the Lord continue to keep them safe.