Monday, April 17, 2017

Lake Havasus

We recently spent two weeks enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures at Lake Havasu, Arizona, another large reservoir along the Colorado River.  One afternoon we took a boat trip along the shoreline.

The rocky desert shores and stark mountain formations looked so different from the softer landscape of the Northwest. It was hard to believe that, even with all the available water, there are still no trees growing along the shoreline, only the occasional planted palm tree. 

Window Rock

Yet, it wasn't unusual to see small shrubs and wildflowers clinging tenaciously to the coarse sandy soil and rocky outcrops.

In most places the water looks blue, but as we entered an inlet called Copper Canyon the water took on a green cast. Our guide told us that it's caused by the copper in the rocks that leaches into the lake.

A favorite spot inside the canyon is a formation called, Chimney Rock, a popular spot for college students who like to climb up to the top and then jump into the water.  I haven't yet decided it they are brave or just foolhardy!

In addition to the beautiful rock formations there are over two dozen miniature lighthouses along the shore, each one an exact replica of a famous American Lighthouse and built to 1/3 scale.  East Coast lighthouses are place on the east shore, West Coast lights on the western shores and Great Lakes around the island at London Bridge.  But don't let their small size fool you.  They are actually coast guard registered, working lighthouse which help boaters navigate the lake at night.  

Of course, I can't leave Lake Havasus behind without talking about the famous London Bridge which once spanned the Thames River in London, England before making it's way to this little desert city in Arizona.  A short history of the bridge and how it came to Lake Havasus City can be found here

Walking along the waterways and under the bridge was always enjoyable. 

We really enjoyed our stay in Lake Havasus and I hope you enjoyed our little tour of the lake.



  1. That is certainly a Southwest landscape around Lake Havasu. When looking at the London Bridge, I can't help wondering what the original builders of it so long ago in London would think if they knew where it is now . . . in such an alien environment to its original home!

  2. Yes, it is definitely a long way from 19th century London, England!

  3. Hi! I enjoy walking along the waterways too. It is relaxing. AZ is sure a different landscape! Nancy