Sunday, March 5, 2017

San Luis Obispo

Sitting right in the middle between San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo is one of the oldest towns in California.  It was founded when Father Sierra built the Mission San Luis Obispo here in 1772.  Today it is a popular and charming little city that is home to The California Polytechnic State University or Cal Poly for short.

Over looking the town, the mission still stands.  I love visiting the old mission churches so we stopped in to take a look around.

The interior looks similar to the Mission San Luis Rey, another mission I shared with you here.

After we left the nave, we took a  stroll through the mission gardens behind the church.

 The Mission Bells.  The one on the left is called the Joy Bell, the one in the middle is the Gloria Bell and the one on the right is called the Sorrow Bell.

From the front of the church you can look down into the town.

 When we had finished touring the mission we wandered down to the San Luis Obispo Creek that runs through the center of town. Usually when we stop through here there is just a small stream of water meandering slowly through the town.  This day, with all the stormy weather it looked more like a river getting ready to overflow it banks.

In fact, it was coming over the walkway in one spot so we had to cross over the bridge to the other side.

 There are actually a number of cute little bridges and sidewalk restaurants along the creek which remind me a bit of the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

I spotted this rock wall on our way back to the car.  It looks like it might have been an old foundation or wall to something.  I wonder what it was?  I am guessing that the walls to the old mission might look like this under the whitewashed clay or stucco.  It's fun to imagine anyway.  Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

An Afternoon in Morro Bay

In between all the rain and wind of the past few storms there have been a few days here and there where the clouds have parted and allowed us to enjoy a day in the sunshine.  We took advantage of one of those days to spend an afternoon in Morro Bay. This has always been one of my favorite places to visit on the Central Coast. 

We set off with our friends to walk out all the way around the bay to Morro Rock and then to the beach on the other side.

Of course I had to stop and say hello to the seagulls.

 Following our walk, we found ourselves in a cute, not so little, gift shop and nursery filled with a wonderful array of visual treats.  There were lovely indoor and outdoor spaces filled with displays of different ways to showcase plants,

 Themed spaces, each filled with decorating ideas and pictures,

 and delightful culinary books of all kinds.

 I could have spent an entire afternoon and not seen everything, but after an hour the boys said it was time to move on.

We finished our day back in the bay enjoying the sunshine before having an early dinner by the water.

It was the perfect ending to one of those wonderful days that make you smile when you look back on them.  God willing, we will be making many more of them in the weeks ahead.  Blessings to you.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Oregon Coast Travels

After spending a bit of time on the road we have finally landed in a place where I can stop and review these first days of our journey.  It has been a bit of an adventure for sure and we have had to keep our sense of humor and perspective a number of times.

An unexpected snow storm delayed our departure date but we finally made it out after the ice melted off the roads on the following day.

In our efforts to avoid the icy road conditions in the mountains we elected to take the coastal route down the Oregon Coast and were making good time until we blew a tire on the fifth wheel just 10 minutes from our destination for the night.  It's a little scary changing a tire on the side of a busy winding road just as it's starting to get dark but the Lord protected us and we were soon on our way again.   Our second day we ended up getting caught in a huge wind and rain storm in Newport, Oregon where we had to hunker down for a couple of days.

Even though it was windy, rainy and cold, that didn't stop us from getting out, in spite of the rain to wander a little bit along the old waterfront in the Newport Harbor and enjoy a nice warm bowl of clam chowder and some fresh fish and chips.

It didn't stop the seagulls either.

Finally, the winds died down, the sun came out and we could be on our way again.

A view of the Newport Bridge in the early morning after the storm taken from our camp site.

Those of you who have traveled the highway along the Oregon Coast know how magnificent the scenery is.  Around every corner is a spectacular view of waves crashing to the shore and splashing up against gigantic rocks jutting up from the water. The clouds and storm would blow in and out making the afternoon look like night was drawing in, and then the sun would come back out and sparkle on the water. 

Our fourth night out we landed in the little seaport of Brookings, Oregon, the last town before crossing into California.  We found a cute little RV park in the harbor right across the street from the beach where ...

  I finally got my first walk along the seashore.

 We could see where the sea had thrown up bits and pieces of wood  and debris and left it all along the water's edge including this little bit of burl wood which I picked up and almost brought home with me before resisting the urge and leaving it where it lay for the next treasure hunter. 


   Much of this wood looked raw and new, freshly washed up from the storm.  But with time the winds and the sands will polish it into the smooth and whitened patina of aged driftwood much like this little piece.


There is still so much more to share, especially about the sea, but I must leave you for now.  We are still experiencing some large winter storms but we are nestled safely with dear friends who are are keeping us busy and helping us to stay cosy and warm.  I pray that each of you are safely nestled in the place that you are as well.