Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Two Walks

I am beginning to wonder if this unsettled, overextended life I am living is going to be my new normal.  Interesting how once you retire you think life is going to slow down.  I am still waiting for that to happen.  Right now, I am still taking care of my mom post surgery but hopefully she will be going home soon.  Then, we will see how things go for the rest of the summer.  There hasn't been much time for taking pictures but I did manage to get a couple of small walks in.  Interesting how these two walks have become a narrative of how our community is growing and changing.

I took my first walk with a friend through a woodland park a little over a mile from my home.  It was a warm day and we were looking for a shady place to stretch our legs.  This spot was perfect.

The sidewalk along the street connects one neighborhood to another.  Once you turn into the trees it feels a though you are miles from everything.

But there are signs of civilization, like this frisbee golf target,

Or a bridge leading across the creek to the neighborhood beyond.

Through the clearing is the school where my two older kids attended and where I worked my first two years with the school district.  Back in those days there was no fence and as long as they stayed within sight, the kids were allowed to play along the edge of the woods.  Times have certainly changed.

This older part of town is how much of the area looked all the way around the lake when we first moved here almost 40 years ago.  Today, much on the other side of the lake is dotted, (perhaps swathed is a better word!) in miles of developments.  Suburbia has made its way to the country!

This was a pretty walk around my son's neighborhood, but it's such a different place with its rows and rows of cookie cutter houses on tiny lots.


Still, the neighborhood was quiet and it was fun to see all the pretty landscaped front yards. In a few years the trees will grow and give the streets a more settled feel.

But I hope "progress" doesn't get so loud that it drowns out the little sounds of God's creation all around us, like this tiny little creek we walked past right outside the neighborhood.

 Of course, I had the best walking partner!  I am loving being a Grandmother.

My friend and I had planned another walk this morning, but it started raining.  We ended up walking around the inside of the Walmart down the road.  Perhaps I should have taken some pictures of the produce department and pretended we were at the farmer's market. LOL!

If you stop by, please take the the time to say hello.

All blessings to you.


  1. You've got the loveliest places for walking, when it isn't raining - or even when it is! what a sweet photo of your newest family member.

  2. Hi Sara, Yes, even though the area is growing and changing so fast, it is still a beautiful place and I am just loving my little granddaughter. She is a gem!

  3. So relaxing to walk alongside you. Beautiful settings. But not as pretty as that wee girl. Must be cooler there with her covered with an afghan. Hot as the dickens here!

    1. Our weather has been bouncing around between cloudy and cool, cloudy and humid or sunny and warm with a 20 degree plus difference in the temps within a 24 hour period. It's pretty typical for this time of the year. Unless I am at the beach,I actually like it better when it's a little cloudy.

  4. That looks like a lovely place to walk in the shade when the sun is beating down. What a lovely little grandbaby!! Nancy

  5. Lovely photos! They remind me a lot of the Lower Mainland in BC --Lots of greenery and so scenic. I love walking trails through the woods. We've had quite a cool spring here... when the sun comes out, it's just about right, though.
    Your little granddaughter looks so cute in those sunglasses!

  6. It's early morning here and cool. Temperatures here in the UK have soared over the last week, but thankfully the weather is getting back to normal for this time of the year. I've been doing a catch up on your blog posts as my computer is running slow and our area server has also had internet connection problems. It's good to get out for a walk with a friend or your sweet little granddaughter. I was sorry to hear about your friend's husband. (I'm not sure if it's the same friend that you go walking with, but I'm glad that you could be with her at such a difficult time). Close friends are a blessing as we journey through life with its joys and sorrows.

    1. I certainly understand about internet and computer difficulties. Technology is definitely a mixed blessing. We too are presently experiencing higher than normal temperatures. I just came in from watering all the plants. Thank you for your kind words regarding my friend.